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Daan van Beek is an experienced trainer and teacher who likes to "entertrain". He has taught masterclasses BI & AI all over the world, including New York, Pretoria, New Delhi, Madrid, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Bangalore, and more. Contact him to book a training for your company.

As a trainer, Daan van Beek likes to educate in a practical way based on a firm theoretical background. He teaches the two-day Business Intelligence training course and he is involved in the masterclass Business Intelligence in Singapore, India, and New York. He gives masterclasses BI & AI all over the world, from the United States to Africa, from Europe to Asia.

PDCA: success factor for BI & AI

In the Netherlands, he leads the team for the Plan Do Check Act masterclasses, and the Master of Data Science. The PDCA cycle is seen as one of the major success factors for Business Analytics. This training is given six to ten times a year and fulfills a huge need:

How can we help business managers in using KPI’s, data analytics and management information in order to achieve a better Return on Investment (ROI) on Business Analytics and performance improvement?

He is also the trainer for the 3-day Business Intelligence course (Dutch) and the Master of Data Science course.


In his training, Daan uses a lot of real-life examples and best practices to achieve better insight for the participants. Read also: Good testimonials for our Business Intelligence training: “Would be pleased to attend again”

Training background

Daan started as a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht in 2007. Right at the same time, he was installed as trainer for the 3-day masterclass Business Analytics in the Netherlands. In 2010 en 2013 he was asked to provide a 2-day masterclass Analytics in Singapore for BI managers. He enjoyed this international experience very much and from then many cities followed: New York, Pretoria, New Delhi, Madrid, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Bangalore, et cetera. Daan is now also trainer for the IT Executive master program of the Tilburg University (TIAS).

Daan’s expertise and interests:

  • What are they biggest success factors of Business Intelligence & AI projects?
  • How to find genuine key performance indicators in an organization?
  • How to deal with politics in organizations when it comes to an implementation of BI?
  • Artificial Intelligence and why it is so challenging to implement
  • Data Visualization techniques and how to design excellent dashboards.
  • The psychology behind proper decision making (‘How to make better decisions’).
  • The selection of Business Intelligence tools (reporting, dashboards, big data).
  • All the requirements to successfully use Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.

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Daan van Beek, CEO, Managing Director


CEO & Author of 'Data Science for Decision Makers & Data Professionals'

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