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To "BI" or not to "BI" - that is the question

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Keep your eyes and ears wide open

To "BI" or not to "BI" - that is the question The Intelligent Organization keeps its eyes and ears wide open; uses its senses to register signals; its brains to process these signals smartly into useful information and knowledge; and, metaphorically speaking, its limbs and organs to respond adequately. Where necessary, the Intelligent Organization assesses whether its responses and measures were indeed appropriate with regard to the original signals.

To ”BI” or not to ”BI”; that is the question
Freely based on William Shakespeare

We will have to take small steps

As we mentioned earlier, there is no shortcut to the trinity of the Intelligent Organization. We will have to take small steps and – as if it were our child – carefully educate the organization in order for it to grow up, be autonomous and mature. The aim is then to ensure that employees – at all levels – understand the principles of the Intelligent Organization, and that we support our new method of working with an architecture – including appropriate tools – that fits the three generic basic processes of the organization.

A book is about what you get out of it, not about what the author thinks is important. Thea Beckman (Dutch author)

Showing leadership

Ultimately, it is all about achieving cultural and behavioral changes and about showing the leadership, courage, and guts necessary to work towards an advanced and excellent organization. What matters is that we gradually phase out short-term thinking – however hard that may be in the current dynamic world – and that we start devising long-term strategies and structures. This requires a great deal of perseverance and belief in success. It also requires generating sufficient financial means in order to bring Business Intelligence to life and make it reach maturity.

Appropriate long term structures

Additionally – in order to think of appropriate long term structures – we will need foresight with regard to many areas that are fueled by expertise, general insights, specific experiences, specific knowledge of markets and technologies and, finally, wisdom. We therefore need to recruit the necessary knowledge, if it is not already available. I hope this Business Intelligence book will provide you with sufficient insight to grasp the essence of Business Intelligence, and that you will be able to work out and realize the advantages and applications of Business Intelligence within your specific organization in order to survive well. In the end, what matters is what you make of it: to “BI” or not to ”BI”.

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