BI expert | Daan van Beek | Interview | Part 3

Part 3: Interview BI Expert, Daan van Beek

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Marketing Business Intelligence

Marketing Business Intelligence can be useful. However, some organizations might not be looking for BI, even though they need it. They just don’t know that they need it.

Passionned Group mainly makes use of a ‘pull-model’, with Daan van Beek’s book ‘The intelligent organization’ and Passionned Group’s ‘Dutch BI Award’. As a result, clients come to Passionned Group, rather than the other way around.

A combination of marketing

There isn’t one clear-cut best way to market a BI company. Usually, a combination of marketing through different channels is most successful. For Passionned Group, email has proven to be a valuable marketing tool; if they email companies to participate in the Dutch BI award, they almost immediately receive 220 signups. The most important factor when it comes to marketing is relevance. You should always ask yourself “how can this be relevant for my target audience?” High-quality service helps, but if the prices are too high, you’ll drive away potential customers. The trick is striking the right balance.

An example of this is Vodafone; when a contract ends, a new offer has to be presented. The client is then completely analyzed by Vodafone, so they can make a specific, individualized offer.

One-to-one marketing

Daan van Beek: “I think someone already said this 25 years ago: the future is one-to-one marketing.” For high-volume companies, this is the way to realize customer intimacy. For Blue Mountain this may not be the case, as there is not so much volume in the Netherlands, especially if they only focus on housing associations.

Passionned Group doesn’t have its own BI platform , because they chose not to specialize in that, instead leaving that part up to other people. However, Van Beek thinks it can help to promote such tools, to make companies aware of the possibilities. So Blue-Mountain could, for example, promote Katoomba.

The book

The book “The Intelligent Organizion” is written completely by Daan van Beek himself. He did extensive research, and took inspiration from management literature, but always combined it with his own experience. For example, Van Beek himself came up with the ‘three processes’ of an intelligent organization that are described in the book. Two important people that he named in are Mintzberg and Heijmans. And he thinks that Heijmans (1917) has one of the best definitions of an organization: ‘”An organization is where people work together to achieve goals.”

Recently, some phrases from the books have been quoted elsewhere, which Van Beek considers a great honor.

Passionned Group operates abroad as well. The Business Intelligence book ‘The Intelligent Organization’, which is originally a Dutch book, has been translated into English. Daan van Beek occasionally travels to India or New York to give Business Intelligence lectures, where he uses his book to during his lectures.

Conclusion: The Future

Daan van Beek thinks the future of BI is in line with the continuing trend of urbanization, and as he says: ‘The right technology always wins.’ He is very satisfied with how the company is doing and how popular the award has become: “the award is alive.”

In the future, Van Beek will keep building up Passionned Group. Passionned Group currently has 16 consultants. Van Beek is focused on taking the next steps for the company, and doesn’t really consult companies anymore. He usually teaches one day a month, but this is not his core business.

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