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Daan van Beek teaches successful masterclasses in India

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Daan van Beek has been invited to talk about his concept of “the intelligent organization” in New York City and Singapore in years past, but in December 2013 he traveled to India on an invitation. There, he taught a series of BI masterclasses in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

“A tightly scheduled itinerary,” Van Beek calls his trip. “Flying, masterclass, flying, masterclass, flying, masterclass, flying. Exhausting, but very rewarding.”

A mixed audience

The masterclasses were attended by a mixed audience: IT and BI managers, business managers, outsourcing organizations, board members, and representatives of large vendors and IT companies. In total, 70 people attended the Business Intelligence masterclasses. “Normally, a group of 15 people is the perfect amount in order to give a personal and interactive masterclass. The first group was 15 people, the second 22, which is barely doable, but the third group comprised 32 people. That takes a tremendous amount of energy,” Van Beek explains.

Just like in Indian traffic

In India, things are different than in Singapore and New York, Daan says. “The people behave just like in Indian traffic: it’s fairly chaotic, it goes in every direction at once. As a speaker, that means you really have to focus on the structure. In Singapore they have an easier time dealing with abstract concepts, in India they’re more interested in technology. And Big Data, they really love that, just like predictive analytics.”

People ideally attend hands-on workshops, so they can use their own laptops to practice using Hadoop and building dashboards.

Looking back on a successful trip

Although the final evaluation has yet to take place, Van Beek can look back on a successful trip. “When I came back I was pretty exhausted. But the reactions I got and the evaluation forms I saw told me that it was totally worthwhile, and I can look back on a successful journey.”

Attend the masterclass

Do you want to attend a masterclass taught by Van Beek? Take a look at the Passionned Academy.

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