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Daan van Beek has many years of experience as a consultant under his belt. If you would like to know more about his services, contact him now.

Daan is a 100% independent consultant BI analytics

In addition to his speaking engagements and training activities Daan van Beek is regularly asked to advise companies in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Performance Improvement. Daan is a 100% independent Business Intelligence consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field, and he has worked for a variety of clients, among them Air France KLM, Interpolis, Phoenix Group, the municipality of Rotterdam, and the oldest real estate bank in the Netherlands.

Consultancy services

Daan helps organizations with the following services:

  • Defining your Business Intelligence strategy: helping you to focus on the right Business Analytics goals in order to contribute to a better organizational performance. Daan uses the concept of the intelligent organization to sort out the right answers; in doing so, he ensures that all investments are in line with corporate goals and match your IT strategy.
  • Business Intelligence consulting: helping you to organize Business Intelligence itself better. His specialties: creating awareness at the board for the need for (advanced) Analytics, setting up Business Intelligence Competency Centers, dealing with management to realize engagement between the BI team and (senior) management, and finding the 1-million-dollar insights.
  • Selecting the right Business Intelligence software and assisting in requirements analysis. He is the author of the Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics and he knows what the strengths and weaknesses of the different solutions are. With this research at hand, Daan is able to give directions in a few days instead of a few weeks.

Dialogue, debate, and directions

His style can be characterized by ‘dialogue, debate, and directions’, helping you to find the right insights and answers for your situation. Daan is curious to see what you will give as an answer to the following statements:

  • management information is for management’s eyes only
  • a data warehouse should not contain any operational detail data
  • if business intelligence doesn’t change anything, it can’t be a success
  • the cost of our personnel is our most important key performance indicator
  • our BI system has to respond in just a few seconds, regardless of the question
  • the holy grail to the success of analytics is an enterprise data warehouse
  • key to the success of BI is establishing one version of the truth
  • first we need to collect all the data and then ask our users what they need to know

Daan is curious what you think.

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CEO & Author of 'Data Science for Decision Makers & Data Professionals'

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