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The organization as the redundant connector

This is a recurring question in these turbulent, frightening times. The organization is becoming a redundant "connector" between you and the world. Infrastructure is all you need. But that infrastructure is far too large for one person to build up - it's better to let a data machine do it. In the past decades, production was the number one central factor. Business and services were organized around this central pillar.

Put behavior on the BI agenda in 2019

Business Intelligence ensures that the right information reaches the right person at the right time. At least, that's the intention. If that can be achieved, you're already a step ahead. However, the real work is yet to begin: influencing the behavior of customers, managers, and employees based on essential information and insights. We can only speak of successful Business Intelligence when that is the case.

Step by step guide: How to migrate to a new BI tool

A large pharmaceutical wholesaler opted to implement a new BI tool, switching from their old one, in order to distribute and share management information. The company is currently using Business Objects and wants to make a change. The selection of a new tool can be finished as soon as: The reference visit at another pharmaceutical wholesaler leaves a positive impression. There has been an international workshop.

Smart companies cash in on business intelligence

The election of the Smartest Organization of the Netherlands, the Dutch Business Intelligence Award, is in full swing. Organizations from various industries are vying for the title, including an online bank, a mortgage agency, a sustainable plantation, a national bakery chain, an international trade business, a large government institution, an educational institute, a very progressive healthcare agency, a consultancy, and various retail companies.

The 5 most important BI trends - Data Analytics in 2017

An old term from 1960 has been revived. It's developing very quickly, powered by all applications of major data masters such as Google, Uber, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. The algorithms were there, but the large amounts of data were missing. Artificial Intelligence never managed to get rid of this. And forecasts were not always as reliable. Now, since more and more pictures, videos, blogs, posts, and sensor data gets available, AI acquires its actual added value.

Does every BI consultant become a Data Scientist?

Traditionally, Business Intelligence (BI) has an image of a "report builders club," as a client of mine has recently expressed. This traditional image creates the profile of a typical BI consultant. It is true that a handy and competent report builder is especially great on knowledge of tools, methods and techniques, and is sometimes involved in gathering the business requirements of his customers.

The 7 Business Intelligence Trends for 2016

More and more organizations see the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Thanks to continuous innovation, more and more data is becoming available. This leads to useful and surprising insights into both the private and public sectors, which use the acquired information in increasingly smarter ways. In practice, Passionned Group forecasts the following seven Business Intelligence trends for 2016.

The 6 Biggest Trends in Business Intelligence for 2015

  Everything in the digital economy is concerned with data. Businesses become increasingly smarter, collecting and analyzing data in a structured way, so they can make high-quality, fact-based decisions fast. The increasing importance and use of data has led to new developments that are going to have a big impact on Business Intelligence. In practical terms, the Passionned Group predicts the following six Business Intelligence trends for 2015.

'It's almost science fiction, what we do with BI'

"It's almost science fiction what we do with BI." Elie van Strien is commander of the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department. Two years ago, his fire department was chosen as the Smartest Organization in the Netherlands, thanks to a revolutionary BI innovation: Fire Department Intelligence. This year, Van Strien is a member of the jury for the selection of the Smartest Organization in the Netherlands 2015, organized by Passionned Group. Commander Van Strien feels like a little boy in the BI toy store.

To 'BI' or not to 'BI' - that is the question

The Intelligent Organization keeps its eyes and ears wide open; uses its senses to register signals; its brains to process these signals smartly into useful information and knowledge; and, metaphorically speaking, its limbs and organs to respond adequately. Where necessary, the Intelligent Organization assesses whether its responses and measures were indeed appropriate with regard to the original signals.

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