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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

This is Daan van Beek’s blog about designing and implementing Intelligent organizations. Within this area of expertise, Daan often writes about the following subjects: BI, feedback, news, performance management, and research.

Of course you can order Daan’s book about intelligent organizations here too.

Daan van Beek teaches successful masterclasses in India

Daan van Beek has been invited to talk about his concept of “the intelligent organization” in New York City and Singapore in years past, but in December 2013 he traveled to India on an invitation. There, he taught a series of BI masterclasses in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

“A tightly scheduled itinerary,” Van Beek calls his trip. “Flying, masterclass, flying, masterclass, flying, masterclass, flying. Exhausting, but very rewarding.”

The future of Business Intelligence & Analytics

Within the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics, the following developments will gradually take shape and gain momentum:

In recent years, Business Intelligence has proved to be highly technology-driven. It was all about snazzy reporting tools with all sorts of bells and whistles, performance, technical debates about the most suitable data modeling method, and advanced drill-down possibilities. These ‘toys’ diverted our attention from the real purpose of Business Intelligence, namely creating a truly intelligent organization. Fortunately, today we see that Business Intelligence is increasingly driven by the business, and that the attention is shifting to the behavioral side. Many organizations today prepare a business case in advance in order to assess whether the payback period of data warehouses and Business Intelligence applications is in line with current economic and business standards. Business Intelligence becomes increasingly business-driven and permeates the organization more easily. Business Intelligence gradually matures and technology becomes secondary to the processes and applications.

Workshops for Creating a High Performing Higher Education Institutions

In line with our research into the success factors of High Performing Organizations (HPOs), a 2-day and a 4-day workshop has been developed for Higher Education Institutions. These workshops will help the leadership feel confident transforming their institution in High Performing Higher Education Institutions (HPHEI). Our approach is evidence-based. Both workshops are focusing on:

achieving better results in education

A unique approach to Business Intelligence

Most companies, especially BI vendors, see Business Intelligence as software, a piece of IT. We don’t. Let me explain why.

In the first place, we see Business Intelligence as a continuous process. In this process, the users are key, not the software. They have to use information for thorough analysis, action, and process improvement, setting and adjusting norms and targets on a regular basis and discussing the figures, both negative and positive.

The potential adverse effects of Performance Management

Performance Management using indicators can have several disadvantages, like increasing production goals without tackling the professional organization behind it. With a strategy map and a balanced scorecard, one might prevent this. In our vision, Business Analytics should also be used to develop the organization (learning and growth perspective, internal processes). Below are some possible disadvantages of performance management.

Good testimonials for our Business Intelligence training

Over the last years, Daan van Beek has given several training sessions in New York, Amsterdam, India, Paramaribo, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore about Business Intelligence & Analytics. We like to share a few of the testimonials regarding our Business Intelligence training with you. Most of them are very positive and we are truly thankful for that.

“It is an education that is desperately needed in Surinamese society.”

New edition of the BI Tools Survey is coming soon

This summer, I’ve been closely working together with my colleague on a new edition of the Business Intelligence Tools Survey. We started this survey in 2007, and since then we’ve been watching the Business Intelligence market very closely. The new edition of the Business Intelligence tools survey compares eighteen major Business Intelligence tools on 169 key evaluation criteria, both technical and business.

Business Intelligence consultant

If you’re looking for a Business Intelligence consultant with years of experience, you came to the right place. Passionned Group is 100% specialized in Business Intelligence, letting organizations work smarter* using reliable information, analytics, and insights to enhance decision making and improve performance.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Daan van Beek, and all of my working life I’ve been involved in designing and creating management information systems, or advising organizations what works and what doesn’t in respect to Business Intelligence. At the start of my career, I worked as a Business Intelligence developer. I’ve been always looking for the one million dollar reports: reports that could provide valuable & actionable insights about where revenue was leaking or could be optimized, or where money was wasted.

Current research projects

Currently, our company is working on several research projects. Independent research is one of the cornerstones of our company. It is the foundation for product innovation, our masterclasses, and our Business Intelligence consulting practice.

Since 2004, we’ve been examining all the major reporting tools and dashboard tools available on the market. A list of 103 evaluation criteria was used to score the different reporting tools. All the findings of this research are included in our BI Tools Survey, an in-depth guide for selecting the right reporting tool for your situation. This spring, we decided to investigate three new areas:

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