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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

This is Daan van Beek’s blog about designing and implementing Intelligent organizations. Within this area of expertise, Daan often writes about the following subjects: BI, feedback, news, performance management, and research.

Of course you can order Daan’s book about intelligent organizations here too.

Does every BI consultant become a Data Scientist?

Traditionally, Business Intelligence (BI) has an image of a “report builders club,” as a client of mine has recently expressed. This traditional image creates the profile of a typical BI consultant. It is true that a handy and competent report builder is especially great on knowledge of tools, methods and techniques, and is sometimes involved in gathering the business requirements of his customers.

The 7 Business Intelligence Trends for 2016

More and more organizations see the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Thanks to continuous innovation, more and more data is becoming available. This leads to useful and surprising insights into both the private and public sectors, which use the acquired information in increasingly smarter ways. In practice, Passionned Group forecasts the following seven Business Intelligence trends for 2016.

Part 3: Interview BI Expert, Daan van Beek

Marketing Business Intelligence can be useful. However, some organizations might not be looking for BI, even though they need it. They just don’t know that they need it.

Passionned Group mainly makes use of a ‘pull-model’, with Daan van Beek’s book ‘The intelligent organization’ and Passionned Group’s ‘Dutch BI Award’. As a result, clients come to Passionned Group, rather than the other way around.

Part 2: Interview BI Expert, Daan van Beek

Daan van Beek defines BI as ‘using data to improve and innovate.’

Other finalists of the BI awards are Tempo Team and Rituals. They’re considered intelligent organizations because they organized their core processes in a data-driven way. Some chains need three to four months to determine where they need to open a new store; Rituals determines this in less time, which has an enormous impact on their agility and efficiency.

Part 1: Interview BI Expert, Daan van Beek

Daan van Beek started the company Passionned Group in 2004, because of some frustrations he experienced in the field of BI. Before starting this company, he was working at a medicine wholesaler as a BI manager. This company processed a great amount of data every day – around 10 million euros. The management team of this company was working in a very traditional way, and commented on the dashboard they created, that processed all the data on a daily basis. They thought it wasn’t necessary to process all this data every day, as they believed the monthly reports should give enough insights. This made Daan realize that BI is not only about data, but that the organization is of great importance when trying to change processes within a company. So he started writing about it, and launched his first book “The Intelligent Organization”.

Business Intelligence = change management

In a world without information, nothing will really change. We try and take our chances and choose one option or another, just based on what we see, taste, hear, and the emotions we feel. But this wild guessing, based on gut feelings, will lead us nowhere, at least not to a better life, business, or world. Because we have no information, and we don’t know what’s good for us or our business. We act like headless chickens and are completely biased. And, believe me, a lot of companies still are run that way.

The 6 Biggest Trends in Business Intelligence for 2015


Everything in the digital economy is concerned with data. Businesses become increasingly smarter, collecting and analyzing data in a structured way, so they can make high-quality, fact-based decisions fast. The increasing importance and use of data has led to new developments that are going to have a big impact on Business Intelligence. In practical terms, the Passionned Group predicts the following six Business Intelligence trends for 2015.

The 10 Biggest Biases every decision maker should be aware of

Fast as lighting, when we consume (new) information we run through existing structures and connections in our minds, so that new knowledge and information can be connected to what we already know. We are, as it were, trying to fit this new information into our brain, which either happens comparatively easily or with a considerable amount of effort.

During the internalization process, people should ideally be aware of which fixed beliefs and assumptions they, unknowingly or in fact knowingly, use. Unfortunately, various studies show that we tend to see what we want to see, and that our brain is extremely lazy and prejudiced. “We like to think that our judgements, beliefs, and opinions are based on solid reasoning. But we may have to think again.”

‘It’s almost science fiction, what we do with BI’

“It’s almost science fiction what we do with BI.” Elie van Strien is commander of the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department. Two years ago, his fire department was chosen as the Smartest Organization in the Netherlands, thanks to a revolutionary BI innovation: Fire Department Intelligence. This year, Van Strien is a member of the jury for the selection of the Smartest Organization in the Netherlands 2015, organized by Passionned Group. Commander Van Strien feels like a little boy in the BI toy store.

To “BI” or not to “BI” – that is the question

The Intelligent Organization keeps its eyes and ears wide open; uses its senses to register signals; its brains to process these signals smartly into useful information and knowledge; and, metaphorically speaking, its limbs and organs to respond adequately. Where necessary, the Intelligent Organization assesses whether its responses and measures were indeed appropriate with regard to the original signals.
To ”BI” or not to ”BI”; that is the question

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