About Daan van Beek | CEO of Passionned Group | speaker & trainer
Daan van Beek is the founder and CEO of Passionned Group. He's a popular international speaker, trainer, and consultant in the BI & Data Science fields. Contact him now.

About Daan van Beek

Daan van Beek is the CEO of the Passionned Group and is a well known speaker on Business Analytics & Data Science, an experienced trainer, and an independent consultant. He was born in the Netherlands (Rotterdam), studied artificial intelligence in London, is the author of four management books, and from the start of his career he has been very interested in management information. Read more…

Daan van Beek as a speaker

Daan van Beek is an experienced speaker and loves to be on the stage, explaining Business Analytics, Big Data, and performance improvement. He specializes in making organizations more intelligent. Learn more…

Daan van Beek as a trainer

As a trainer, Daan van Beek likes to educate in a practical way, based on a firm theoretical background. He teaches the two-day Business Intelligence training course and he is involved in the masterclass Business Analytics in many cities. Read more…

Daan van Beek as a consultant

In addition to his speaking engagements and training activities, Daan van Beek is regularly asked to advise companies in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Science. Daan is a 100% independent Business Consultant. Read more…

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Daan van Beek, CEO, Managing Director


CEO & Author of 'Data Science for Decision Makers & Data Professionals'

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